‘All Inclusive” Website Packages

Home Repair Website Templates
Home Repair Website Templates

We are beginning to roll out our “All Inclusive” website packages for specific industries. As we near completion of our system resources like our “CRM” Customer Relations Management system and Reputation Management system, we will be signing up existing customers for upgrades and providing them with training and resources on how to maximize their online potential.

No longer will you have multiple accounts or services for your businesses website and digital assets. While we have always provided complete services and management for websites, domains, hosting and social media, we realized our customers were also in need of a single portal to manage their website performance reporting, advertising campaigns, online reputation and customer database.

The first industries to be unveiled are construction contractors, home remodelers, skilled tradesmen, automotive dealerships, restaurants, and nightclubs. All existing customers can upgrade for a discount at any time. Until the automated system is complete, we will manually set up your account at no charge. Once the automated system IS complete, you will be able to simply select the additional services you desire. You will be able to upgrade your account at any time during your service duration. All customers will have a simple login link either in the header or footer of their website, which ever one you choose. The login link will log you in to the entire system and direct you to your control panel where you can manage every aspect of your website, web presence, performance reporting, customer relations and all help topics and support for the new system.

If you do not use 1 Web Company for your website, but would like to use our other services, you will need to incorporate your own link on your website or login directly at www.1webcompany.com. We are always here to help you set up or configure your services if you need additional help.

We will be developing additional packages for other industries along the way as we refine our system. Until then, you can always have us manually configure your CRM and Reputation Management to fit your need.

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