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Content Repurposing

1 web company content repurposing
1 web company content repurposing

Content repurposing is an important part of SEO. When you find content that works and grabs the attention of users, you need to capitalize on this content by repurposing. A great example would be if you posted one video, one graphic advertisement, one blog post and one webinar in a specific month and you learn through your analytics and user interactions that the webcast received the most success, you will want to repurpose the content that gained the attention of users and implement it into other forms of media like the blog post and infographics to reach more audiences. There is no perfect formula for content development or content repurposing and every user will be looking for different forms of content, thus every brand needs to be diverse in their content development and disbursement. This is the best way to learn how your audience is finding your brand. Once you know the best delivery format, it is time to invest your other content in the same formats and give it the extra push. You still want to develop the other formats, but focus on the most effective ones.

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