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Creative Content Writing

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Words cannot express how important creative content writing is to true online success. Creative Content Writing is the most important element of any website. Google ranks every website based on their content and relevance. “Content Is King”! Content comes in many forms, but the most informative is text and imagery. Even your imagery needs creative content writing and text.

Creative Content Writing

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Creative Content Writing Services

Most businesses rely on getting information to their prospective customers. The only true way to educate your customers on what you do is with old fashioned text. If you can get your prospects to read at least 5 minutes of your context on your website, the chances of you earning their business increases by %73. How would you expect a salesman to describe a product for sale in person without language and speech? It is impossible. This is where communication comes in to play. Communication is the key to the success of anything, especially business. The best way to relay information to your customers is with text and language. Everybody reads, speaks and speech and language is the universal preferred method of communication.

Most people do not know there are several layers of text within a website besides what the end user can see on their screen. Images can have Alternate Text, Captions, Descriptions, Keywords, Tags, Copyright Info, and many more bits of information that require creative content writing. While these text elements aren’t a necessity, they are critical to successful Search Engine Optimization. Another layer of text is the meta data for your individual pages and posts. Every page has a placeholder for at least the website AND individual page Title, Description and Keywords.

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