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Designed For Engagement

Websites Designed to Create Interaction From Users
Websites Designed to Create Interaction From Users

Your business revenue depends greatly on your websites ability to influence your viewer to engage and interact. There are several types of engagement and user interaction features such as a “Call To Action” button or a “Join Newsletter”. Typically a business would want this regardless of what the Google trend is but there are several other reasons this has become a worthy reason for implementation from webmasters and evaluation from search engines. Every click is accounted for and some of the age old practices still have great influence. The longer a user stays on a website, the more value the site appears to have. The more a user clicks through and navigates along your website files, the more relevant the data appears to be. You also gain extensive insights into users behaviors giving you priceless information that you can use to target market prospective customers. So it comes down to engagement. Website user engagement is the new hot button. he more your website I used by others, the more it will be suggested t be used by Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. The idea is to engage viewers “within” your website. Keep this in mind when integrating Facebook, Twitter or other Social Apps that lead a user AWAY from YOUR website and over to theirs. You still need this engagement, but it is better to have it in a more conspicuous location after the content you want the user to see first.

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