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1 Web Company Every Day Content Creation
1 Web Company Every Day Content Creation

Content development is key to search engine optimization and user interaction. If a user doesn’t see or read what they want to buy or know, they will surely click away and perform another search. There are of course the basics of formatting like image or page Titles, Headlines, Descriptions, Tags, Alt Text, Captions and more that still have a huge impact on Keyword Search and Meta Data results. But now, more than ever your content is being served to consumers in some pretty sophisticated ways like “Conversion Pixels”. Besides meta data it is the first time search engines are able to come close to visually reading an image and they do this by user behavior analysis and image recognition technology much like facial recognition software. So if a user “Likes” a picture on Facebook of a Toyota Camry, the ability to serve the same user an ad with pictures of cars that are similar to a Camry in physical appearance. Pretty cool right?

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