FREE Internet Service

1 Web Company FREE Internet Service
1 Web Company FREE Internet Service

Is there such a thing as “Free Internet Service“? The answer to this is yes! There ARE free internet service providers. It will surely come as no surprise to know the companies providing this free service.

First, I would like to share some wisdom. I have always been told “Nothing in life is free” and “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. Telecommunications companies have long since had a gridlock on how we receive information and communicate with each other from the first  “wireless telegraphy” where transmissions were first made through the ground and water to modern days where you can watch television shows for free via the internet. Since then governments and companies have been working hard to harness this technology and power to profit and control the information we receive and our ability to utilize it. Whether it’s electromagnetic waves or digital signals, they are already everywhere around us in the air. We are forced to deal with any consequences that may arise from this technology like cancer, cell phone towers, social conformity and more. Unfortunately, if you want to make sense of any of it, you must first pay someone, right?

A typical communications satellite costs around 10M to build and launch but telecommunications companies and tech companies like Facebook rake in Billions from their small investments. Since the death of analog the Federal Communications Commission or “FCC” has been searching for a way to get back in the game and make up for their lost revenue. This is where “Net Neutrality” comes in to play. Now they have a reason to govern the internet. In the United States and other developed countries the idea of free internet access is not a great concern because it is affordable. It is only made affordable because we consume more products and services than other countries and they need to deliver their advertisements that make up a majority of the revenue of the above mentioned companies. The same $40 or $50 a month internet service or $100 cell phone bill is completely unobtainable in most of the undeveloped world. This is where the concept For FREE Internet Access was born. Eventually everyone will have free internet service once other tech companies catch on. Here’s how it works.

Google Free Zone is an App you can download from your cell phone. Google has struck several deals with service providers that cater to undeveloped countries to make this App free. It allows users to access only the first page of search results which are basically ALL “Sponsored Search Results” that Google profits from. So no matter how sophisticated a website or server is, the company with the most money to spend will always continue to grow and leave no room for others. So if you attempt to offer a truly FREE chat, e-mail, search, or social-networking service, you will be required to have your own satellite and create a sub-internet and hope people request access. Remember the internet is nothing more than a free network and anyone with a server that chooses to open a port or publish information is on this network. That is until it is governed.

Facebook Zero is the other FREE Internet Access Service Provider. Of course you will need a Facebook account and data charges only apply if you try to click an outbound link or picture. Otherwise you can view the newsfeed as much as you like. They boast this blessing to be beneficial because it is faster due to being light weight and of course it’s FREE. It operates on the sub directory and sub domain of much like the current mobile version we all know of operates on as do most mobile versions. Facebook has manage to gain over 100 million users world wide and between Google and Facebook, they expect to gain another billion users from third world countries with their FREE services alone.

Worldwide, the number of smartphones is expected to double from 1.5 billion just last year to over three billion by 2017. Most of those 1.5 billion new phones and new Internet access will be in the developing world utilizing the FREE Internet Service. Google and Facebook are doing more than just providing various forms of free data access. Those two companies and others, like Microsoft, are increasingly in the business of trying to expand infrastructure and related data-efficiency technologies that will, inevitably, be deployed in ways that benefit themselves. Hmmm.



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