Infinite Scalability

1 Web Company Infinite Ratio Of Scalability
1 Web Company Infinite Ratio Of Scalability

The magic of the “Responsive Design” website is in the websites ability to self adapt to any and all devices. Instead of the device reading the websites dimensions and determining what to view, the website reads the device and determines what to display. In order to achieve this seemingly simple task, the website must be smarter than the device and have an infinite ratio of scalability. There are many new elements and implementations that make the responsive website design possible. The three main ingredients are Fluid Proportional Based Grids, Flexible Images and CSS3 Media Queries. Using relative percentage units instead of absolute pixel units is the catalyst that propels these elements into the dynamic and elegant display of a responsive design website. Other key components are the “Parallax Scrolling” capabilities and light weight “short code” technology, but these two subjects are deserving of their own entry on a later date.

Google has recently announced the “death of flash” by no longer using Flash Element based PPC banner ads due to several reasons including the development of HTML5 and the fact they are one of the only elements that once integrated into your responsive design website cannot be responsive themselves. This is due to the very nature of Flash or I frames and cannot be conquered in redevelopment., thus leaving Flash out of the respected content loop, despite their efforts with the “Flash Back Snapshot”. Sorry Flash 🙁 I personally hate to see you go. For anyone who isn’t concerned with the disadvantages of using Flash, there will be information posted on Adobe products in the very near future.

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