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Sometimes a website alone just won’t do it. There are endless marketing and advertising outlets that are greatly beneficial if managed correctly. Once your website is complete you need to start an internet marketing and advertising routine. Give your customers as many chances to find you online as possible.

Organic Naturally Driven "Free" Search Engine Rankings

1 Web Company Internet Marketing Strategies
Internet Marketing Strategies

The first and foremost task to complete your website is to make sure you properly formatted your data and meta data to ensure the best possible “Organic SEO” search engine results you can achieve. Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the other search engines will inspect every aspect of your website and evaluate it for relevance, quality, and structure to index it in results and cache the information on their server. This is known as “Crawling” and “Indexing” your “URL” or “Root Directory” and website files. You want to be sure they read correct and accurate information. Besides the basics, there’s numerous other elements to consider that can raise the bar for your website and internet presence and online success.

Marketing and advertising is critical to internet success in today’s digital age. A website alone might not provide the lead generating traffic you are looking for. Some businesses simply use their website as a tool and extension to their resources, but most rely on it to provide new customers. As vast as the internet is today, the only way for your website to thrive is with activity through fresh content publishing, social interactions, blogging and SEO. Web Company can set up a marketing strategy custom tailored to your business and budget needs. There are numerous layers and forms of improving a website ranking or internet presence and it generally comes down to hard work and doing it properly.

Quality Content            Meta Data            Back links            Alt Text            Captions            Formatting            SEO          

Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, and Sponsored Search Results

1 Web Company SEO SEM PPC and Sponsored Search Results Marketing
SEO SEM PPC and Sponsored Search Results Marketing

Your competition could be spending as little as $50 a month. This minor difference in practice can be the reason your website is ranking lower than theirs. You can’t win the game if you don’t play. If someone asked you “Would you pay $200 for $5,000 of additional revenue?” would your answer be yes? Of course it would be. This is the exact scenario of positive marketing results. There are two types of companies. Those who think they don’t have the money for advertising and marketing, and those who know they need to advertise and market to increase revenue. Search Engine Marketing known as “SEM” is a great way to utilize the tools of big companies like Google and Yahoo.  They provide the data and platform and you provide the budget and content. Pay Per Click known as “PPC” can still be a great form of online marketing especially if properly set up. Most companies are unaware that they do not need a big budget to compete in the PPC advertising arena. In most cases, a little goes a long way.

PPC           SEM            Facebook Ads            Google AdWords           Affiliate Marketing            Brand Awareness

Website Analytics and SEO Statistics Reporting

1 Web Company Website Analytics and SEO Statistics Reporting
Website Analytics and SEO Statistics Reporting

Google Analytics and reporting on your online media performance can tell you exactly what is working and what is not. While it may not be an obvious assumption to most people at first glance, knowing how to analyze and research your target audiences behaviors and preferences is a great asset in ANY marketing campaign and is a job better suited for a professional. Blind marketing can be a waste of money and resources and that’s an expense any business can do without.

You need to know where EVERY marketing and advertising dollar is going and the performance on your return. The Conversion Rating, Click Through’s, Bounce Rate and countless other prospective customer traits and characteristics are just a few of the detailed information that we analyze to better reach your prospective customers and target market with the help of our software and services.

Google Analytics            Landing Pages            Server Stats            Target Search Queries            Audience Analysis

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