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Commercial Video Production, Editing And Publishing Services

1 Web Company is a leader in promotional video production services for Web or Television application complete with voiceovers, spokes models and scripts. The typical industries that benefit from promotional videos for web or television application are business commercials, artists, musicians, instructional videos, special events, weddings and ceremonies and more.

Local Television Commercials And Infomercials

1 Web Company can produce your local television commercial.

1 Web Company can produce your local television commercial.

Infomercials and television commercials are still an extremely effective way to market and advertise your business services or products. Many business owners are unaware that they can have a professional video made very affordably that can be used on paid cable TV ads AND the internet, complete with backlinks to your private Youtube Channel and website. The SEO benefits of this are very significant and more and more users are choosing video to gather their media data.

Streaming video channels are very popular too. With new video publishing and streaming websites emerging every day like it can be the extra revenue and customer base your business or brand has been looking for.

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Instructional Videos - Digital Editing And Mastering

1 Web Company can also create your instructional videos

1 Web Company can also create your instructional videos

Instructional videos will always be useful and we have seen a race of businesses posting and offering free instructional videos to their clients. The automotive industry and construction contractor industry are especially beneficial of this practice. You will find that there are many do it yourselfers who will indulge but never follow through with their weekend warrior plans. An instructional video might lead them to your website for further hired services to complete their project. It is also a great way to add additional content with meta data to your website increasing your URL’s popularity with Google and Bing Search Engines.

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