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1 Web Company Search Queries
1 Web Company Search Queries

Search Queries or “Search Terms” are the phrases a web user types into a browser search bar when searching online for something specific. If you understand what your prospective customers are typing to find you or similar businesses, you can better target them. Google Adwords is a service that allows you to pick search queries and keywords and advertise based on those specific terms.

There are two types of search queries you need to be familiarized with when managing your keyword and search query campaign. The first one being based on organic elements. If you have a unique business name and domain name, you might not need to compete for this result, as there will be very few competitors. A great example of this would be a musician whose legal and proper name is also in the domain name. It is near impossible for another to outrank the root directory of  your gTLD’s or ” Generic Top Level Domains” such as .com, .net or .org

The second type of Search Query requires significantly more attention and analysis. Instead of a unique identifier like a musicians personal name, a user is typing more generic queries like ” musicians” or more specifically ” local jazz musicians in New Orleans”. Now you have a level playing field and search engines base their results on all other factors of relevance. Knowing what generic search terms your prospects are typing is the first step in structuring your website data and target audience.

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