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Home Repair Website Templates
We are beginning to roll out our “All Inclusive” website packages for specific industries. As we near completion of our system resources like our “CRM” Customer Relations Management system and Reputation Management system, we will be signing up existing customers for upgrades and providing them with training and resources on […]

‘All Inclusive” Website Packages

Nano Microprocessor and Battery Free Technology
Battery Free Devices are right around the corner. The technology has been harnessed to program modern devices like cell phones and tablets to receive and repurpose various stray electromagnetic fields that constantly surround us. Radio waves, mobile phone signals, wireless router frequencies, and even stray energy emitted from overhead power […]

Battery Free Devices

1 Web Company FREE Internet Service
Is there such a thing as “Free Internet Service“? The answer to this is yes! There ARE free internet service providers. It will surely come as no surprise to know the companies providing this free service. First, I would like to share some wisdom. I have always been told “Nothing in life is […]

FREE Internet Service

1 Web Company Search Queries
Search Queries or “Search Terms” are the phrases a web user types into a browser search bar when searching online for something specific. If you understand what your prospective customers are typing to find you or similar businesses, you can better target them. Google Adwords is a service that allows […]

Search Queries

1 Web Company Infinite Ratio Of Scalability
The magic of the “Responsive Design” website is in the websites ability to self adapt to any and all devices. Instead of the device reading the websites dimensions and determining what to view, the website reads the device and determines what to display. In order to achieve this seemingly simple […]

Infinite Scalability

1 web company content repurposing
Content repurposing is an important part of SEO. When you find content that works and grabs the attention of users, you need to capitalize on this content by repurposing. A great example would be if you posted one video, one graphic advertisement, one blog post and one webinar in a […]

Content Repurposing

1 Web Company Internet Personalization
Your website needs personalization just like the experience you provide to your customers. As an extension of your business, your website shouldn’t just reflect a visual interpretation of your unique brand, but it should provide a personalized approach to catering to prospective customers. Make them feel at ease and reassure […]


1 Web Company Customer Communication
Communication is the key. The internet was built for communication so your website is no different when it comes to your customers expectations. They expect your website and other online business profiles be an extension of your communications. If they post a question on Facebook and never get a response, it is […]

Communication Is Key

1 Web Company Every Day Content Creation
Content development is key to search engine optimization and user interaction. If a user doesn’t see or read what they want to buy or know, they will surely click away and perform another search. There are of course the basics of formatting like image or page Titles, Headlines, Descriptions, Tags, […]

Everyday Content

Websites Designed to Create Interaction From Users
Your business revenue depends greatly on your websites ability to influence your viewer to engage and interact. There are several types of engagement and user interaction features such as a “Call To Action” button or a “Join Newsletter”. Typically a business would want this regardless of what the Google trend […]

Designed For Engagement

1 Web Company Internet Marketing Services
  Most businesses are unaware of the 100% FREE ways to advertise online and market their products or services to not just their local market, but the world. Some of the most effective ways to share a brand are the simple and cost effective ones. The days of having to […]

FREE Internet Marketing